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I'm going to share with you some of the patterns I use. Some of these are free and some aren't, but I hope to give you some inspiration.

Dress: McCall's Workwear
Dress: Annika Victoria High Neck Swing Dress Also she feature my picture on her Instagram, and I cried for days! 
Top: Doll it Up Lace up Vest
Cardigan: Liberty Jane Cardigan Skirt: Annika Victoria Half-Circle Skirt (Also this is a really bad picture! Like what are her legs doing?)
Skirt: The Sorry Girls Off The Shoulder
Dress: Modified Doll it Up Dolman
Dress: Modified The Sorry Girls Off The Shoulder
Shorts: Modified Simplicity American Girl
Top: Link will be posted soon. I can't find it right now.
Hat: Mccall's Chic Outfits
Wings: Simplicity Mystical Clothes
Dress: Simplicity American Girl
Cardigan: Liberty Jane Cardigan
One-Piece: The Sorry Girls Wonder Woman
Dress: Oh Sew Kat! Sugar n Sp

PAGR original OOTDs

So every clothing item is a Project AG Runway (PAGR) original unless noted.
Shoes: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl
Shoes: Marigold Market
Shoes: Springfield Collection (removed flowers) Headband: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl
If any of the clothing items look interesting and you want me to make a pattern/tutorial, let me know.

My Edits

One of the things I enjoy doing is photo editing. I'm not the best at this, but it is super fun to do. I'll show you some examples and talk about each picture. I use PicsArt for my edits. It is a great program to do edits on your phone.  Placed head on to Earth and lighten head. Added birds and tree silhouette.  Inspired by @fetching_tigerss on Instagram ; Added buildings, birds, and sun flare. Took two images and transposed the mirror from one image onto the mirror of the other image. Added sprout photo, lightened it, and made it black and white.  Cut butterfly picture to the frame, and cut and placed wing outside of frame. Placed doll on chair and removed it in post. Then added the wand, glasses, and book in post. Created shadows.  Inspired by @fetching_tigerss on Instagram Had one butterfly taped to face and duplicated it everywhere.  Created in honor of 9/11; buildings, birds, and smoke are edited on.  Created for my one year on AGIG; just added the flame.
If you have any…

Elodie Embroidered Bracelet

This bracelet is super fashionable and very quick to create. Also super easy to customize!
 For this craft you will need: Paperboard: .5 in by 4 in Embroidery Floss Hot Glue First, glue the end of the embroidery floss to the edge of the cardboard. Wrap it around the cardboard once and glue over the edge.
Continue wrapping and glue every few wraps.
Secure the end, and then you are done!
Coil the brace, so it forms the "bracelet" shape.
Your coil should look similar to this.
Place on doll.
Now you are done! You can customize the bracelet anyway you chose. 

Little Review of Beforever Addy

I received Addy for Christmas 2016 and I thought I'd share my thoughts on her. She is so beautiful! I renamed mine of Isla Maeve. My first thought is that she should really be noticed more. It seems like she was a popular gift for AGIGERS, but AG does not give her a great set up in the stores. Her hair is so pretty in this updo, however it is pretty lose. I have taken it out, since I was afraid of it falling apart before I could get a good look at its makeup. It looks awesome down, but it does have to be played with a little. It's a bit wavy and very thick. Her outfit is so cute and the blue is a great color for her. 
Hat Pattern: Me HalterAlls (Romper) Pattern from: Oh Sew Kat I also took some photos of her with my #58 (Kennedy), and this duo was a favorite of AGIG. They are so different and I was worried about them being too similar. There skin color is pretty differently. Addy's has more of a reddish hue to it. 

Winter OOTDs

Today, I am doing some doll outfits to show what my dolls wear during the winter season.  Glasses & Shirt: American Girl Boots: Sophia's Pinafore: dolly_d3lights pattern
Shoes: American Girl Glasses: Springfield Collection Sweatshirt & Pants: PAGR original
Glasses, Shoes & Jacket: American Girl Scarf: PAGR original Dress: Oh Sew Kat Pattern
Shirt: American Girl Boots: Sophia's Jeans: PAGR original Hat: Mccall's Pattern
That's all the ootds I have for now. Which one was your favorite? Hopefully soon, I'll post a spring one and an all diy one.