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One of the things I enjoy doing is photo editing. I'm not the best at this, but it is super fun to do. I'll show you some examples and talk about each picture. I use PicsArt for my edits. It is a great program to do edits on your phone. 
Placed head on to Earth and lighten head.
Added birds and tree silhouette. 
Inspired by @fetching_tigerss on Instagram ; Added buildings, birds, and sun flare.
Took two images and transposed the mirror from one image onto the mirror of the other image.
Added sprout photo, lightened it, and made it black and white. 
Cut butterfly picture to the frame, and cut and placed wing outside of frame.
Placed doll on chair and removed it in post. Then added the wand, glasses, and book in post. Created shadows. 
Had one butterfly taped to face and duplicated it everywhere. 
Created in honor of 9/11; buildings, birds, and smoke are edited on. 
Created for my one year on AGIG; just added the flame.

If you have anymore questions, leave them down below.


  1. Wow! Your edits are amazing! Way better than mine, haha. I love them all, especially the ones of Aspyn with bird and tree silhouettes on her red skirt (did you sew her outfit?), the one with building, birds, and sun flare, and the one in honor of 9/11. You did such an incredible job! Did you use Photoshop?


    1. Thank you so much Madison! I did sew Aspyn's outfit! I don't use photoshop, I use a app called PicsArt. I'd love to see some of your edits!

  2. There amazing! You should do a tutorial on your edits

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely work on that! What kind of edit would you like to see?

  3. Oh my word that is so cool!!!! I loved looking at these!! My favorites would be the 2nd, 6th, and 8th :)


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