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Sew Sophie, what happened this month?

Welcome to my new series! This will be happening on the last day of the month, and I'm going to be discussing all things AG, sewing, and other random things. This post will always happen on the last day of the month.

AG news
Obviously, this month was huge for AG. Three dolls were released, and two more were announced. 

Now for my thoughts. Let's go left to right.

Nanea: I think she's cute; however I'm not a huge fan of the mold. Looks like a cross between a Wellie Wisher and a Mega Block. That said, I'm excited to see her collection.

Logan: I like the idea of a boy doll. I think it is great representation for all the male collectors, but I wish they didn't use Kaya's mold. Also some of the dolls have very extreme hair flips that I'm not the hugest fan of.

Tenney: I'm not a fan of this doll. I'm sorry if you like her, but personally her face paint is a bit too extreme for me. Some of her outfits are cute, and I like her wig. I can't get passed he…

February's PAGR Fan Fashion

This month's fan fashion is both beautiful and surprising! I was so surprised to see you guys using my patterns! It was one of the coolest things to see, and everything you guys have made is incredible! I wanted to showcase all these beautiful clothes you have made. So each month there will be a PAGR Fan Fashion. If you would like to be featured, create something with one of my pattens. Then, email me, dm me on Instagram or Pinterest, or use #pagrfanfashion on ig. I digress; let's move on to the gorgeous clothes you guys made.
First up, we have this sweet dress from Reverie Dolls. I love the fact that she used an eyelet and layered it with a leotard. I'm definitely going to have to get some of this fabric to try it out! She is totally right; it would make a great beach cover up!
Next up we have, Sew Sweet Dollies. I love that she paired the hat and the dress together. That is something I do all the time! I also love that she used a different fabric for the front and back. …

GOTY Inspired Outfits (collab with Lunaville Dolls)

Today's post is a collaboration with the amazing Lunaville Dolls. She's the one who came up with the idea for this collaboration, so all credit to her. Not sure about her outfits, but mine need to be loosely compared to the AG! I didn't make perfect outfits; however, I was inspired by these GOTYs.

Kanani I made this romper to look like it went with her collection. I was inspired by the flower design and bright colors. I also used a hair flower and some sandals to complete the look.
I got this Paris tee a few years back so I don't remember the shop. The belt is from this Our Generation outfit, and the shoes are from a My Froggy Stuff tutorial. I made this to look similar to Grace's meet, so I finished the outfit with a red skirt. 
So, I made this top over a year ago. You might remember if you are a very, very old follower of my Instagram. The skirt is a pretty old project too. To finish the outfit, I paired it with some leggings and ballet flats. 

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

I'd like to thank Natalie P for nominating me for this award! So sweet of you!
Here are her questions: 

Favorite GOTY doll?
Kanani GOTY 2011 (In my collection: Aspyn)

Which of your dolls is most like you?
That's really hard. Everyone of my dolls has a personality trait that is pulled from me, but Chrissa looks the most like me. Kennedy's personality is the most like mine plus she loves to sew too!

Do you like asparagus?
Yes! I actually had some recently!

What color is your favorite shirt?
Blue and white stripes.

If you could get any AG mini doll right now, which one would it be?
Probably mini Addy or Kaya.

What is your favorite candy?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

What do you think of AG releasing a boy doll?
I think the idea is super cool, but I'm not the hugest fan of the doll. 

I nominate Madison: Delightful World of DollsKara: Doll World, and Bella: A Doll's Life (Sorry if you have already been tagged!)

And here are your questions to answer:

What inspires you to continue blog…

How to make a simple edit

Im going to be showing you how to make the edit above using PicsArt I started off with this window photo in PicsArt's drawing tab.
Then I selected the "insert picture" button and started to erase.
The easiest way to erase the photo is to select the layers tab and click the eye on the background photo.
It is also easier when you zoom in and chose a smaller eraser.
Then unhide the background. 
Reopen the layers tab.
Open a new layer to create the shadows on. Then draw over the doll with a black pen.
Click the "..." button and then click transform to move the shadow.
Shadow looks as shown above.
Repeat for the "feet" shadows.
And then click apply and save. Now you are done! I'd love to see your edits, so email me, tag me on Instagram, or DM me.

Want to be featured on the blog?


Savvy Swing Dress

This dress is a gorgeous swing style with banding around the armholes and neck hole. You have the option to create a u-neck hole or a v-neck hole. Tutorial Pattern Big thanks to @sewlovelydolls and @lovelystudios123 for testing out the pattern for me! 

Quick Post

Two quick things:
1. I'd love to see the things you make from my patterns! Please email me or use the hashtag #pagrblog on Instagram and maybe I'll feature you on ig and/or the blog 😏
2. If using my patterns for products you are selling, please include that it is my pattern.
Thanks 💕
NEW PATTERN RELEASES THIS WEEK! I'm so excited for this one!

Seven Ways To...

This series is hopefully super cool. So basically I'm taking one clothing item and using it to create a week of unique outfits. I apologize for the super grainy pictures, but I wanted to get this post up. Day 1  Just the normal maxi dress with a floppy hat and some sandals.  Day 2 The maxi dress with a crop top over top and a belt. Day 3 This one is super cool! The front part of the dress is folded under to create a high-low shape. Paired with a cute jacket. Side view Day 4 This skirt is two layers, so it works perfectly to do this style. The first layer is pinned to the bodice part and the second layer is the skirt part. Day 5 This is one that depends on the two layer maxi dress. The first layer is only pinned in the front center to create this cool draping effect. Day 6 The maxi dress has been rolled up and paired with this cute skirt. Day 7
Bodice part has been flipped under to create a shorter hem line. A ribbon was added at the neck to create a halter look.
What do you think of thi…

The Pia Purse

Today, Im showing you how to make the Pia Purse. This post is a collab with aesthetic dollies from youtube, so it's a confusing cross platform collab. You will need: One felt sheet Ribbon PDF Pattern Seam the short sides on piece 1 to a long side of piece 2 as shown.
Place the long side of piece 3 to the long side on piece 1 and sew.
Place the other piece 1 on top. Sew piece 1 to pieces 2 and 3.

Sew the ribbon to the inside of the bag and you are done!

I used glitter "fabric" for this which was a mistake. The bag comes out better if you use a nice soft felt. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!