GOTY Inspired Outfits (collab with Lunaville Dolls)

Today's post is a collaboration with the amazing Lunaville Dolls. She's the one who came up with the idea for this collaboration, so all credit to her. Not sure about her outfits, but mine need to be loosely compared to the AG! I didn't make perfect outfits; however, I was inspired by these GOTYs. 


I made this romper to look like it went with her collection. I was inspired by the flower design and bright colors. I also used a hair flower and some sandals to complete the look.


I got this Paris tee a few years back so I don't remember the shop. The belt is from this Our Generation outfit, and the shoes are from a My Froggy Stuff tutorial. I made this to look similar to Grace's meet, so I finished the outfit with a red skirt. 


So, I made this top over a year ago. You might remember if you are a very, very old follower of my Instagram. The skirt is a pretty old project too. To finish the outfit, I paired it with some leggings and ballet flats. 

That's all the outfits I have today. Once again go check out Lunaville Dolls to see her outfits. 


  1. Gorgeous! I love Grace's!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. American Girl should hire you as a fashion designer for their dolls! You make so many amazing styles! I love all three of these outfits, and your dolls look so cute in them!


    1. Thank you Madison! That's the dream job!

  3. Very nice! The outfits look great.
    Kanani looks like she could use another 1/8" in the torso, but overall the color and pattern chosen are right on.

    1. Absolutely kudos on your work! Just an observation; the way the bottom of the romper gathers in the reminds me of what happens when people with long torsos try on body suits or one piece bathing suits or rompers. There isn't quite enough to accommodate the proportion. A little extra for that center seam would keep Kanani from getting a wedgie.

    2. Okay I totally understand where you are coming from!


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