Sew Sophie, what happened this month?

Welcome to my new series! This will be happening on the last day of the month, and I'm going to be discussing all things AG, sewing, and other random things. This post will always happen on the last day of the month.

AG news
Obviously, this month was huge for AG. Three dolls were released, and two more were announced. 

Now for my thoughts. Let's go left to right.

Nanea: I think she's cute; however I'm not a huge fan of the mold. Looks like a cross between a Wellie Wisher and a Mega Block. That said, I'm excited to see her collection.

Logan: I like the idea of a boy doll. I think it is great representation for all the male collectors, but I wish they didn't use Kaya's mold. Also some of the dolls have very extreme hair flips that I'm not the hugest fan of.

Tenney: I'm not a fan of this doll. I'm sorry if you like her, but personally her face paint is a bit too extreme for me. Some of her outfits are cute, and I like her wig. I can't get passed her face though.

Z: She's pretty cute, but I already have Einsley (#30), so I'm afraid the two are too similar. I'm excited to see the film stuff in her collection, but her outfit is pretty much a bunch of recycled pieces. That's kinda disappointing.

Felicity: I think she's cute; however, I wish they rereleased her with her classic eyes. I also wish she had more of a collection, but AG has said that's coming soon. I also wish she was available at my closest store, so I could see here before I decide to purchase her.

Some of the clothes from this release are pretty cute, and I recreated this dress. and you can see it on Instagram here and here.

I can't make a post about this month for AG without talking about the underwear and squishy vinyl. Boy was this a hot mess on Instagram!!

This picture doesn't look too bad, but I have seen a video since where a doll had super duper squishy vinyl.

This is AG's response to the below picture. It's a bit disappointing that AG claims the image below is fake.

This poor doll! She looks like she's growing a tail! I'm not a fan of the underwear, but is anyone a fan? Okay let's move on from AG. 
Also Toy Fair happened this month. I'd really think I'd like to attend someday.


I've sewed so much this month. I'm trying to get two new patterns released in March, but we will see. At least one I'm hoping. I also found some new sewing podcasts called Thread Cult , but they stopped making them in August 2016. I listened to 5 in one day! (Bad I know!) So I'm on the look out for more podcasts to listen too while sewing. 
I released 3 (Wow!) sewing patterns this month! This has certainly been a learning experience for me, and there is still a lot left to learn. I'm hoping you guys are enjoying them. I currently had a great time making them. 

Blog Updates

So when this post goes up, I've officially been blogging for over 30 days! I've had such a fun time doing this, and so much has happened since I started blogging! I have introduced 3 new series to the blog (including this one!), and I've met and talked to so many amazing people. So for March, I'm hoping to continue each of these series, and everything else posted on the blog. I'd also like to post a dollhouse tour, so let me know if you'd like to see that to anything else you'd like to see for that matter. 

Favorites of the Month

This whole series is inspired by monthly favorites videos, so I should include some of that in this post. 

Photo: Right here
Doll: Isla
Blogger & AGIGer: Brandy's Happy Home & @ag.melody
AG Brand Outfit: Kit's Play Dress
Non- AG Outfit: Here

What else should I add to this series? Let me know what you would like to see down below! Thanks for a great month!


  1. ThePolkaDotPatriotMarch 1, 2017 at 12:19 PM

    Your description of Nanea...ha! Maybe she'll grow on me, but that's how I feel about her right now, too. ;-)

    1. Yeah! I had quite a few on Instagram agree with my description of her face mold. Not a huge fan right now, but we'll see.


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