The Pia Purse

Today, Im showing you how to make the Pia Purse. This post is a collab with aesthetic dollies from youtube, so it's a confusing cross platform collab.
You will need:
One felt sheet
Seam the short sides on piece 1 to a long side of piece 2 as shown.

Place the long side of piece 3 to the long side on piece 1 and sew.

Place the other piece 1 on top.
Sew piece 1 to pieces 2 and 3.

Sew the ribbon to the inside of the bag and you are done!

I used glitter "fabric" for this which was a mistake. The bag comes out better if you use a nice soft felt. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!


  1. That purse is so cute!!!! I love the sliver/glittery strip on the side :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this look sooo cute! Thank you for the super easy tutorial!



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