Seven Way to Wear... A SAVVY SWING DRESS!!

This month I'm showing you seven different ways to wear my Savvy Swing Dress pattern.

Day 1
Of course the easiest way to wear the Savvy Swing Dress is to just wear it! Add a simple headband or jacket, and you've got a great outfit. 

Day 2
Another simple way to wear the dress is with a skirt. I chose this floral maxi skirt with a bow, but any skirt would look cute!

Day 3
 Adding shirt on top of the dress adds a great layered look. The color blocking idea is very in, and a sweater would look great for winter. 

Day 4
 This pinafore from a dolly_d3lights video is super cute! Kennedy looks like a minion, but she's okay with that!

Day 5 
 Likewise, you can also wear it with a romper. There will be a bit of bulk in the back (cough cough permapanties cough cough), but just don't look back there. 

Day 6
You could also wear it with a cute pair of shorts. I would recommend some high waisted shorts for this outfit combo. 

 Day 7
 Okay, I'm kind of in love with this. I turned it into a cute body con dress. You will probably need pins or a hair tie for this, but those can always be covered with a long cardigan. 

What outfit is your favorite? I can't pick a favorite! What should I do with this next? 

  • Last thing I wanted to let you let you guys know is that I now have a survey! It's about my patterns, and I'd really appreciate if you checked it out (and filled it out too!). PAGR Pattern Survey


  1. These are all really cute! I took your survey.

  2. So fun! I hadn't made this pattern yet, and now I think I might! ;D
    And I took your survey!

  3. P.S. In the survey I said something about the fold line, but I think I understand how it works now! :)


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