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Dollhouse Tour

So I've been saying that I'd post a dollhouse tour for a few months now, but I never got around to it. Now I finally have the pictures! I'm going to tag the big furniture pieces, but you can always ask where the little things are from. The Kitchen Table Set, Cookstove, and Snack Cart: Retired AG
Living Room Lamp and Fireplace: PAGR originals Table and Chairs: Retired AG
Kennedy and Holland's Room Bed: PAGR original Sewing Desk/ Set: OG Dress Form: Hobby Lobby
Josefina, Aspyn, & Einsley's Room

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Camera: 1 month update

This post is going to talk about my experience so far using a camera. As most of you know, I was an iPhone only photographer until March 19th, 2017. This post is going to show you some of my favorite photos I have taken, along with which day I took them. I'm going to share with you some things I have learned along the way. Also this is going to be a really long post because of the amount of pictures! Sorry in advance! Also the counting is just the day in reference to the 30 days, so I didn't take pictures everyday. There is also a biggish gap from when I went on vacation. I took non AG photos which I didn't include in this post. 
Day 1 (March 19th)

This first day was all about experimenting. I tried outdoor and indoor shoots. This was super fun and definitely great for me to try out the basics.
Day 2 (March 20th) 
On this day, I started experimenting with the manual focus. I kinda jumped into the lake head first with this, but the results were amazing. I also played around …