Camera: 1 month update

This post is going to talk about my experience so far using a camera. As most of you know, I was an iPhone only photographer until March 19th, 2017. This post is going to show you some of my favorite photos I have taken, along with which day I took them. I'm going to share with you some things I have learned along the way. Also this is going to be a really long post because of the amount of pictures! Sorry in advance! Also the counting is just the day in reference to the 30 days, so I didn't take pictures everyday. There is also a biggish gap from when I went on vacation. I took non AG photos which I didn't include in this post. 

Day 1 (March 19th)

This first day was all about experimenting. I tried outdoor and indoor shoots. This was super fun and definitely great for me to try out the basics.

Day 2 (March 20th) 

On this day, I started experimenting with the manual focus. I kinda jumped into the lake head first with this, but the results were amazing. I also played around with light (as shown in the 2nd picture), and I got some rainbow flares from the window.

Day 3 (March 21st)

On this day, I tried out the timer feature to take a special "Thank you for 1.4k!" picture for AGIG. I posted the last photo.

Day 5 (March 23rd)
 This day wasn't super special, but I took pictures with this dog. So that's something!

Day 8 (March 26th)
I took so more outdoor pictures and experimented with the mirrored table that create the rainbow in picture one. The idea for picture two came to me, and I just went with it. It's supposed to have a kinda deep meaning.

Day 10 (March 28th)
This day wasn't super special either, but I still like these ones.

Day 14 (April 1st)
I tried taking some photos in a new area in my house. These flowers have become a recent favorite prop. I also tried the super close up shot in number two, but I'm not sure if I like that picture. I also tried these rainbow flares that occur (strangely enough) in my bathroom. 

Day 19(April 6th)
I took these the day after a rainstorm, so the ravine behind my house filled with a bit of (gray) water. I love these pictures of her by the river, and I'm going to try and take more. I haven't ever taken pictures with the river, so that was really fun. 

Day 20 (April 7th)
These pictures are kind of a random mix of things. The 5th picture down is actually an edit (sorry totally ruined the picture for you!) It didn't original have the bokeh, but I edited this other picture I took into it. The 3rd picture down is actually my new profile picture on all my social medias. I really just like that one. The 2nd picture looks very artsy to me (not sure why!)

Day 22 (April 9th)
Again, I tried to do some more close ups. I don't really like closeups because I'm more a fan of the outfits. I still like most of these though. And most of the pictures I'm showing are unedited, mostly cause I'm not good at that!

And here is our "big" vacation break. Okay moving on... Also I hope my counting is semi- right!

Day 29(April 15th)
I'm actually not really a fan of these pictures, but I really like this new dress I sewed. I think I need to take a better photoshoot of this dress. 

Day 30 (April 16th)
That first picture is probably one of my new favorites. I just am proud of the way it came out. I should have waited and made that my profile! 😂 I could always change it. I tried out some new areas in my yard, and worked more on focusing with manual mode (which I did for most of the pictures in this post).

That's all the pictures I took this month! I think the biggest thing I learned was to keeping trying different things. It's been such a cool experience and I learn so much every time I pull out the camera. I might take a few classes this summer, but I'm set for now. What's something you are currently trying to learn? I'm always learning new things about all my hobbies (sewing, double bass, photography, ect.), and if you aren't learning you aren't really improved. 


  1. These pictures are AMAZING! I'm currently try to learn computer programming and gymnastics. (as well as a whole bunch of things I'm forgetting about)

  2. Wow!! You have some amazing photos :) All your doll's outfits are so cute!!!! I'm jealous :)

  3. These are great! Lovely models, cute outfits, and great settings. Keep up the good work.


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