Sew Sophie, what happened this month?

Gosh April went fast too! I've been so busy with school, bass, etc. that I haven't really posted much on the blog! I'm so sorry! I promise I'll be better at posting during the summer.

AG News
Z Yang released this month! I'm not getting her (she looks a lot like Einsley/ #30), but I love her story. Her camera set is so cute, but I probably won't get it.

Yet again I only released one pattern this month. 😧 I could make up some excuses, but I shouldn't. I'm really proud of the pattern I did release though.
I have been doing a lot of sewing this month, just like every month. I'm thinking of also doing a monthly "sewing roundup" where I show you everything I made that month. Let me know if that's something you guys would like to see.

Blog Updates
This month I did something a bit different. Isla was DOTM over on Dolls N' All, and it was pretty fun. You can check out Isla's posts here.
I didn't post too much on this blog though! I'm definitely going to try and post more in May, as I won't be as busy. You can definitely expect a lot of posts during the summertime.
If any of you guys ever want to collaborate, just send me a message! I'd love to collaborate with more people.

Favorites of the Month
Photos: Thisthis, or this (sorry it was hard to pick!)
Doll: Isla 
Blogger & AGIGer: Dolls N' All & @karaleels
Favorite Pattern: Off the Shoulders of all kinds 
Favorite thing I made: This Dress

This is a super short post because the month felt so short and nothing to exciting happened. 


  1. Great post! :D
    I think a sewing round-up would be really cool!
    Oh, and I also want to say I would LOVE to do a collaboration sometime but I'm already working on two collabs so it might be a while before I can.

    1. Thank you! My email is always open when you are ready!


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