Small Sewing Haul + Some Updates

Before we start the mini sewing haul I wanted to give some quick updates. It's really strange that all these things happened after I posted March's Sew Sophie, What Happened This Month?, but sometimes life happens this way.
First, I updated the blog. I recently saw Light4theLord change up her blog. I really liked it, so I decided to change up my blog too!
Secondly, Isla is Doll of the Month over on Dolls N' All, so she's going to be posting over there a throughout the month of April.
Finally, new pattern releases this week! Feel free to guess which pattern below.

I received a Joann giftcard from my Nanna (grandmother) for my birthday. I went there this morning. Found some super cute things, but forgot to buy elastic (bangs head on table)! At least I have all this cute fabric in the meantime. 

 I was so excited to find this! A few months ago, I was looking for a small travel iron. I couldn't find one, so I settled for the smallest regular iron I could find. This is going to be amazing for little pleats and pressing doll sleeves. I already used it, and it works great!

Also I'd really like to thank you guys taking the survey! It's super helpful to me, and you guys are the sweetest. If you ever want to be friends, my email is
Happy Sunday! 


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