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Summer Outfits

Hello! I'm Sophie, you know the blogger that never posts! Yeah that's me! I'm so sorry that I haven't really been posting, but I've honestly lost a lot of inspiration for the blog. I have still been active on Instagram, but I just find it hard to sit down and write a post. I'm hoping to write this one in one shot and get it up tonight (fingers crossed) (edit: wow this didn't happen). I honestly cannot wait for summer and all the hours I will have to blog, sew, and take pictures. June 9th can't come fast enough!
To get us into the spirit of summertime, I'm going to do a little summer outfit post here. Hopefully gives you a bit of inspiration, and it honestly already feels like summer here. As always, most of the stuff in here was sew by me. I'll try and give links to patterns that may be similar, but might not be exact. As you can also see, I'm a big fan of editing patterns to my purpose. You probably knew that already.
Shirt: Edited from thi…

Josefina in the woods

I rarely take pictures of my dolls in American Girl brand outfits. I have some from before the sewing year(s), but I mostly take photos of the stuff I make. I took this shoot the other day of my favorite historical outfit on my favorite historical doll. Thought I would share all my favorites here since most of these will probably never make it to Instagram.  I made this doll swing 2 weeks ago, and I'm much fun photographing it. Every doll looks so sweet swinging in the woods.  Sorry that this post is kinda short, but I wanted to get something up. I've had a pretty busy last week (concerts, auditions, school, etc.), so I haven't had the time for a big blog post. I just need to plan better! I promise that there will be a better one in the future. See you next time! Edit: I also just updated the "All My Dolls" Page with new picture if you want to check it out!